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Application Services 

Leading business and vertical market applications.

Learning Technologies


Learning Consulting

With our consulting team, identify the right learning solution that is in line with your business obectives


Custom Content

Get interactive and engaging content tailored to your organizations learning needs


Learning Technologies

End-to-end LMS implementation services and post implementation support services

Supply Chain Management


Forum NXT


Provides you with the tools to effectively manage your front-end supply chain. You get an integrated inventory system software and financial accounting systems that can be used by all stakeholders in your distribution network. Forum NXT automates salesforce operations with inventory management mobile app for order tracking, market surveys, and more. Comes in three versions to cater to diverse business needs -- 
1.   Forum Express [ A streamlined browser-based solution ]
2.  Forum Enterprise [ A complete browser-based online solution ]
3.  Forum Standard [ A comprehensive client-server based solution ]


SmartFieldForce™ NXT


With SmartFieldForce NXT, your employees can connect and upload, synchronize and track data on the go. The mobile workforce automation solution automates various activities that are common to supporting manufacturers, distributors, carrying and forwarding agents, and sales organizations. Features Single Sign-On (SSO); identity management (idM); mobile identification; authentication, authorization and accountability (AAA), integrity and confidentiality features. Work online or offline. Allows remote access to mobile client software.


Forum NXT on AWS


Forum NXT enables organizations to oversee and manage their complete supply chain spread over diverse geographies. The AWS Internet of Things (IoT) solution lets you interconnect devices and apps through the cloud. It’s an ideal combination for the largest organizations, able to scale to a large number of simultaneous connections and trillions of messages. Automated alerts and messaging. AWS IoT provides enterprise-grade security and end-to-end encryption. Can be seamlessly integrated with legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Different versions of the software-as-a-service are available to meet different business needs.


Corporate Business Intelligence  and Analytics Suite


Analyze customer feedback. Provide detailed reports for senior management. Take the guesswork out of the decision making process and gain critical insights with our BI Business Intelligence. This powerful suite of applications, available in the cloud, includes dashboards with views deep into your business data plus flexible reporting features. All BI applications and tools can be used on fixed as well as mobile devices. Comes with a Multilingual Support, and Multi-tenancy feature which allows different users or user groups to access information based on their needs and job profiles. It creates information silos that have restricted access for enhanced data security.



Audio Conferencing


Connect multiple entities over voice conferencing across geographies, reduce travel costs and increase productivity. Comes with recording features and comprehensive admin control.


Video Conferencing


Connect multiple entities over web conferencing across geographies, reduce travel costs and increase productivity. Comes with recording features, comprehensive admin control, personalized meeting rooms, VoIP and unlimited Dial-in feature with the lowest bandwidth requirement.

Digital Signature Certificate


Sify became India's first Licensed Certifying Authority (CA) under the IT Act of 2000. Their flagship managed CA public key infrastructure (PKI) services are offered from our world-class Data Center in Chennai. This global, standards-based PKI issues millions of digital identities. All certificates issued under the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) align with CCA’a Digital Signature Certificate Interoperability Guidelines (IOG). Comes with digital identity services for both businesses and individuals (such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, etc.). Data Protection and Privacy Solutions include content encryption, device encryption, document rights management, and trusted messaging. Customized solutions to secure all transactions over the Internet or private networks, ranging from channel encryption (using SSL and Secure-FTP) to developing security solutions on HSMs. Its strong Authentication Solutions include technologies like digital certificates, one-time passwords, USB tokens and hardware security modules (HSMs), and biometrics. Cryptography-based Solutions covers everything from symmetric key cryptography and public key cryptography to the various applications and services.

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