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Network Services 

Provides robust network and data connectivity services with local, national or global reach.


Data Solutions


Smart Internet


Fully managed ILL bundled with remote access facility to empower organization for business continuity. First of its kind. Comes with cost effective service plan, zero capex, provider provisioned VPN and managed security. Pay per use model. Scalable as per need. Available for all bandwidth.


Smart VPN


Enable cross-geography inter-office secure connectivity for businesses via MPLS connections. Requires no extra hardware installation. Comes with enhance data security, access restriction options. FortiClient VPN or SSL VPN sign on by Fortinet.




The Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based VPN offering delivers Pan-India connectivity across 100+ strategic points of presence. With our Standard and Managed solutions, your employees can connect to business networks from anywhere, including remote locations. By deploying an MPLS network, enterprises can prioritize and set-up highly efficient routes for business traffic, get assured of a high QoS and benefit from any-to-any connectivity.


Internet Leased Line


Power your business with dedicated and symmetric bandwidth for reliable, high-speed communication and collaboration. Comes with Best-in-class SLA with user friendly web interface and pan india reach.

Smart Office


Power up your new office or branch with a single-box solution for your data, voice, apps, and storage needs. Comes with dedicated bandwidth with high speed internet connectivity and industry first SLA backed SIP Trunk for advance voice connectivity. Supports both IP & analog phones. Compatible with Open Smartphone Apps and desktop clients. Inbuilt Wi-Fi, firewall, router and DHCP server. Plug and play box with web based GUI. Lets you add features like CRM, Toll-Free Number etc.

Voice Solutions


PRI Voice Connectivity


Single link voice solution that supports a minimum of 30 voice channels, capable of scaling as and when required. Comes SLA-backed,  with video conferencing support, enterprise-friendly billing, and a complaint MTTR( Mean time to resolve) of 4 hours. Provides 2-way connectivity between ISDN compatible PBX or Key System and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).


SIP Trunk


Support business scalability with up to 1500 voice channels over a single link. Comes SLA-backed with best in class IP solution, flexible upgrades, low infrastructure costs and support upto 1500 simultaneous calls. Reduces the cost of multiple lines, maintenance, as well as hardware requirements for multiple PRI ports. 

Toll Free Services


Be always accessible to your customers and improve service standards.
Comes with self-care portal, industry-first SLA for your TFN, and flexible subscription. Gives you detailed call analysis report.

Managed Network and Security


Managed SD-WAN


A virtual WAN architecture applied to network transport such as MPLS, internet, broadband, and 4G/LTE. The application connects enterprise networks spread over large geographical distances. SD-WAN network enables remote users to securely connect to Cloud based applications, resulting in an enhanced end-user experience. Comes with intelligent routing, faster troubleshooting, zero-touch provisioning, end-to-end encryption and also provides load balancing. Backed by a superlative 24x7 Network Operations Center.


CleanConnect Services


Protect WAN connection to your offices with Sify managed SPI firewall, web filtering, advance antivirus protection and dynamic intrusion prevention as a consolidated cloud service. Control what traffic to clean in the cloud and within your network. You can also mitigate threats before they traverse your network by applying network features at the Sify gateway. Online reporting portals give you complete visibility of the security settings. Your network is monitored and managed 24x7 by experts using a unified security platform with the latest technologies.


Gateway Services


Cloud-based Gateway Services by Sify, lets your employees, customers, partners and suppliers access your network services and data in offices and on-the-go securedly. Includes firewall and antivirus. Roaming users connect seamlessly with high security to your corporate VPN and Intranet over the public Internet. Capital expenditures are eliminated with the as-a-service model.


DDoS Protect Services


Protect your network from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks with Sify’s effective cloud-based service. Choose from our DDoS Protect Service in cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid options. We can tailor our resources to fit your organization's existing infrastructure and requirements. Blocks malacious hosts. Provides payload visibility and filtering to prevent cloaked attacks. Protects against Web-based threats. shields VoIP services from automated scripts or botnets. 


IZO™ Private Connect


With IZO™ Private Connect, you can access the world-leading public clouds with high performance and secure connectivity across your business network. Make the most of a dedicated network capacity over a global private connection to clouds.

Network Integration


For enterprises in need of a network to share fast and accurate information with various stakeholders and their employees anytime, anywhere and through any device, our integration services delivers an improved, secure and reliable network platform.

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