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Cloud Services 

Makes data-access mechanisms more efficient and reliable by allowing enterprises to store and process data on a variety of Cloud options.

GoInfinit Cloud Services


GoInfinit AWS+


Seamless access, easy migration, impregnable security and optimized operations for all your Amazon Web Services IT needs. 24x7 monitoring and management of your AWS infrastructure. A unified dashboard view is provided that includes your overall IT operations plus infrastructure and services deployed on AWS. You get real-time visibility of your IT assets and utilization history. Fast and easy backup and recovery of data on AWS. Unified data protection solution features cloud-enabled disaster recovery, offering complete protection for your critical IT systems on the AWS cloud without any impact to your IT setup on AWS.


GoInfinit Private


An enterprise-grade, fully integrated private cloud IT platform with specific controls, compliance or IT architecture available in a flexible consumption model. You get security, control, 24x7 monitoring, management and a next-generation Data Center infrastructure that is highly agile and scalable. Containers and rack space are fully cloud-enabled, built to meet your needs today and tomorrow.


GoInfinit VPE


A private cloud computing service – Virtual Private Enterprise that provides a high degree of physically segregated compute resources, compliance, and security. Security is heightened with this segregation as compared to a multi-tenant, public cloud. Offers you a high degree of control. You can deploy virtual machines (VMs), set up your application architecture, manage and monitor your VPE through a dedicated self-service portal using our provisioning and orchestration tools. Comes with an initial minimum capacity of 48 vCPUs and 256 GB of vRAM per virtualized compute node and flexible consumption model with no lock-in. You can scale from 1 compute node to multiple nodes within one cloud center or across distant cloud centers. Can be easily integrated with Sify CloudInfinit (a multi-tenant cloud hosting environment) to allow you to address cyclical or variable or test or DevOps needs.

IZO™ Cloud Services


IZO™ Private Cloud


With IZO™ Private Cloud, you can take your business to the whole new level and rapidly expand across the globe. With a single orchestration platform, integrate, manage, and control your distributed IT environments. Get next-gen privacy and security with our state-of-the-art architecture. Our IZO™ Private Cloud is now VMware verified which will help enterprises to seamlessly migrate or integrate their on-premise based VMware instances to our VMware verified IZO™ Private Cloud.


IZO™ Cloud Storage


Tata Communications’ IZO™ Cloud Storage is an integrated and unified cloud storage suite which provides complete control over your data while sufficing the unpredictable storage needs of your growing organization. Comes with flexible Pricing.


IZO™ Managed Cloud


Taking your current digital estate to cloud, and not just one cloud requires careful phase-wise plan. Reap the maximum benefits of public clouds through Tata Communications’ IZO™ Managed Cloud for AWS & AZURE and stay ahead than the competition.


IZO™ Cloud Containers


Tata Communications’ IZO™️ Cloud Containers helps you manage the application delivery mechanism and increase business productivity in an ultra-agile infrastructure by incorporating DevOps. Its integration with any cloud infrastructure ensures a multiple-application deployment method, thus aligning your enterprise as per the requirement of the end-user. Full organisation-level control over the whole process enhances productivity, as well as the efficiency of app developers by supporting microservices architecture and application workload portability.


IZO™ Cloud Analytics Platform


Our IZO™ Cloud Analytics Platform ensures that the potential of your large datasets is analysed and configured to provide the required solutions that satisfy your big data needs. We use our flexible deployment models and fully secured real-time monitoring mechanisms that evaluate your information using state-of-the-art technology. By putting big data solutions at the helm of affairs, we support you make decisive decisions based on data, thereby ensuring successful outcomes for your enterprise.

Enterprise Cloud


Enterprise-class cloud services deliver massive scale and geographic reach with minimum investment. Comes with various cloud services like IaaS, PaaS and VPDC to provide you the most demanding Enterprise IT environments. Sify was India’s first cloud service provider to receive SSAE-16 and SOC-2 accreditation, providing enterprises with a highly secured cloud. Allows enterprises to choose among Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud.

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